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"Essential Drum Lessons With The Greats"

Would you like to take a private lesson from one of the world’s greatest drummers?  Gain a deeper understanding of their techniques, concepts, grooves and fills?  Have examples of their playing clearly notated, explained and demonstrated?  I asked myself this question back in 1992, and with a resounding YES, a two-volume edition of  “Drum Lessons with the Greats” was conceived, written, published and soon thereafter, utilized by drummers from around the world.  Drum LWG 1

Now, almost 20 years later, this valuable resource is once again available. “Essential Drum Lessons with the Greats” includes artists from both of the previous books presenting their timeless material in a newly revised single edition. Grab your sticks and dig-in, as these world-class drummers candidly discuss, explain and demonstrate some of the drumming concepts they are best known for.

Neil Peart delivers lessons on developing fills, creating drum parts and soloing in ¾ time; Dave Weckl demonstrates some great sounding triplet hand & foot combinations, one of his trademark six-stroke fills and how to work with double strokes on the drum set; Steve Smith offers an in-depth three part lesson on developing great sounding linear fills; Kenny Aronoff lays out an intense series of rock solid hand and foot exercises; Mike Portnoy gives you an in-depth five part look at odd time signatures; Gregg Bissonette offers a lesson on how to develop fills patterns, shares one his favorite sticking patterns applied to the kit and demonstrates some of the best sounding reggae grooves you’ll ever hear; Peter Erskine takes you on a journey with sound and feel, shows you how to develop a theme and then explains how to play some very hip subdivisions; Tim Alexander presents an alternative approach to playing double bass, creative ways to playing the hi-hat and teaches a lesson on developing tom grooves.

I hope you enjoy the book and find it a wonderful opportunity to take a close and personal look at the techniques, concepts, grooves and fills of some of the world’s greatest drummers.

95 pages plus 2 CD's with over 140 minutes of audio recorded by the actual artists.

$26.99.....Purchase the Book

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