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About JohnX Online Drum Lessons

Welcome to JohnX Online Drum Lessons where you will find over 130 easy to understand, step-by-step videos and transcriptions that will help take your drumming to the next level.

Each lesson is presented by John Xepoleas, a highly skilled drummer and educator, who has worked one-on-one with world-renown drummers such as: Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Terry Bozzio, Peter Erskine, Kenny Arnoff, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Gregg Bissonette, William Kennedy and Colin Bailey.

"I've known John for many years and have watched his evolution as a player and teacher. The catalog of lessons he's put together cover the art of drumming from many angles. The content of each lesson is excellent... expertly taught, skillfully performed and beautifully filmed. Congratulations my friend"....David Garibaldi (Funk Drumming Legend)

Whether you’ve been drumming for years, or just getting started, I guarantee my lessons will help you improve your skills, boost your confidence and when mastered, make you a much better musician!

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What are people saying about JohnX Online Drum Lessons

"I just recently joined a school "rock" band and knew very little of jazz drumming. When I arrived for the rehearsal, they pushed my way some jazz music. I was at sea and didn't know what I was doing. Thanks for help, these came really easy to me. Tomorrow I have my next practice and I'm feeling good"... Michael

"Been a couple days now and I'm really loving your site. I play in a few groups here in San diego mostly jazz and your straight forward approach is refreshing. I always have trouble with soloing so your series on the 4 bar fills is great. Its given me a new love for playing. Thanks for the easy to understand real life usable fills that I will break out this weekend on a gig"…Kevin

"John, I too am a professional drummer and give lessons. Your approach to videos is one of the best I've ever seen. Your drums sound great, you speak clearly, and your technical skills are top notch. Your enthusiasm for both performing and teaching is nice to see. And your lesson plan is easy to understand and follow - just outstanding, it's people like you that make learning fun - and that can change lives for others. best regards to you" ...Dava

"I'm mainly a pianist, but I've been a devoted amateur drummer for over 20 years, and have even managed to do some gigging and recording in the past. Your site has been a great resource for me, and no doubt for many others, at an incredible value. You provide a wonderful range of styles and techniques, patiently explained and clearly demonstrated. I've especially enjoyed your videos on bossa and jazz, styles of music which I love but which proved tricky to "break into". The short format of your lessons has made it easy for me to master the fundamentals and open up a wider range of music to play and enjoy" ...Patrick

"Thank you so much for your insight, I have begun playing again after many years of being on the side lines. Your instructions are very straight forward and to the point, it has helped me greatly in finding my form and in some ways I am finding myself becoming a better drummer than I used to be"... Steven

"Your videos changed my life as a drummer. thank you so much. I wish you were my teacher when I first started in 1999"...Funklegend

"After watching these videos I felt like a lot of it was something I could implement almost immediately. I guess that's just how it goes. Some things come easier than others and I'm learning that if I work on another aspect of my drumming it seems to work itself full circle and help me with other areas. Once again, your stuff is the best. Definitely like eating at the best restaurant in town as opposed to the all you can eat buffet. All the best".... Andy


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