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Welcome to JohnX Online Drum Lessons

"Your number one resource for Online Jazz, Latin, Rock and Funk Drum Lessons"

Welcome to “JohnX Online Drum Lessons” where you'll find a variety of practical, easy to understand, Online Drum lessons that will help take your drumming to the next level. Enjoy your journey.

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"John X has developed a style of teaching online lessons that is clear, concise and full of exciting content that has the potential of adding an abundance of new ideas to your playing. Well done John" ...Steve Smith

"John X has long been a master of systemizing what it takes for a drummer to sound good. And the simple truth is this: when we sound good, we feel good ... and then band feels good, and so the music benefits! John's lessons are concise, effective, to the point and, most of all, they are fun. For you or a drummer you know, John X's lessons are a gift that will keep on giving." ....Peter Erskine

Here you will find all of my MEMBER video drum lessons and transcriptions. Click on the picture. then you will be taken to the Member's Video Viewer, where you can watch the video at 853x480 or in Full Screen.

To View Transcription:
Click on the Video Title

To Download Transcription From Your Browser:
Click File
Select "Save As"
Save to a location on your computer where you would like to store the file
Otherwise, simply print the transcription

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Log In to your Paypal account Click on the picture icon to the left of the Log Out button
Select Profile and settings
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Go to My preapproved payments and click Update
Select JohnXDrum Lessons from the merchant list
Then select Status - Cancel

NOTE: Wait 24 hours before canceling recurring payments to avoid having the app lock you out